"Modest & Honest, and Oh-So-Pleasing to look at down the road."


Weddings are for enjoying with friends and family, and good photography celebrates the day with you. Let's look for all the special moments. Tear-jerkers. Gaspers. Aww-infusers. Gigglers. When you look back at your moments, you will feel all of the emotions again. Natural photos are modest, classic, with sheer design, and oh-so-pleasing to look at down the road. Natural photos don't have photo fads that take the focus away from your moments. Let's shoot for timeless.


I think your friends and family are great, too. Why aren't they in more wedding pictures? I learned that B&Gs are more than happy to share the spotlight with their guests. We have you covered, and the guests covered also. Then we will put it between covers with an unforgettable wedding album filled with everyone you hold near and dear. Included for every newlywed.


  • ▪ Candid over posed
  • ▪ Available light over flash
  • ▪ All the special moments over just the smiles
  • ▪ Fly on the wall over paparzzi
  • ▪ Natural color over  filters
  • ▪ A wedding party over a wedding portrait session


My name is Jarred Gastreich and documenting weddings is one of my most favorite things. I also love living in St. Louis and visiting the Ozarks. A lot of my time is spent in my big vegetable garden where I geek out about soil.

My photography style developed from looking at classic photo books. From André Kertész to Elliott Erwitt. Journalistic projects are what I dream about. I studied Cultural Anthropology because I love learning from people I meet. Documenting your special day is a dream come true for me. Sincerely.


Why choose Momento?

Weddings are beautiful events where everyone is looking great, there's amazing decorations, definitely some cheek-to-cheek smiles, and bright colors, and my favorite part: all the interactions between guests. And of course those little moments between the bride and groom. I've been doing this for 10+ years and it never gets old. I did street photography before everyone was looking down at their phones, and weddings are wonderful places where humans still look up and interact with each other face-to-face -- it's a great place for a street photographer. I know plenty of tips and tricks, but none more important than carrying my Save The Day Kit in my camera bag, complete with needle and thread for those whimsical buttons.

How much do you charge?

Full day weddings (around 8 hours) with two photographers starts at $2000. Little micro weddings start at $800. Both include an unforgettable wedding album.

When did you start shooting weddings?

In 2008, I was still in high school when I saved money for a prosumer camera. I began working for Complete Video & Events as a videographer and eventually shifted to shooting photos only by 2014. On average, I shoot 5 to 8 weddings each year.

Schucks! I already booked a wedding photographer. Can you be the second shooter?

Yes. Talk with your other photographer. Sometimes they have an agreement with another shooter. I work well with people I haven't met yet, and chances are we already worked together and I've helped carry their tripod.

What's the process?

Easy. Reach out via text/phone/email and I'll send you my digital brochure. We meet and consult and see if we are a good fit. Retain your date with your first payment. Free engagement session so we can get to know each other more. Final chit-chat the week before your wedding to go over all the good details. Final payment due the week before your wedding. Wedding! A handful of photos within one week, your full online gallery within 2 months, and your wedding album arrives shortly after.



Phone / Text: 636-352-5666
Email: jarredgastreich@gmail.com