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Event Photography for St. Louis

We've been trusted by organizations big and small to showcase their 'once in a lifetime' events for over 12 years. We have experience with everything from corporate galas to conferences to art shows and farmer market startups. Our passion for promoting St. Louis as an eventful city is what makes our photography so special.


Everything Every Event Ever Wanted

Same-Day Delivery

Amazing engagement on social media happens when we share photos right after the event. We send 15 highlights super quick.

Street Photography

With a background in street photography, you can rest assured that we have the gusto it takes to do event photography.

Shot List Consultation

Each event is unique, and we know you have some things in mind that you want documented. Let us know ahead of time.

Secure Web Gallery

Your photos are showcased in a private web gallery that you can share with your team. Leave comments and smileys, then share.



Lead photographer Jarred Gastreich has been on the scene documenting St. Louis' vibrant culture while at work and off. His event photography has been awarded and curated in art exhibits. We practice the principals of street photography: attune thyself to the moment and keep an eye out for interactions between people and the environment. We shoot to share your mission and story, and we've developed the skills over the past decade to get your vision to a growing audience.

Additional Photographers

Photographer teams are available to cover the big events when one is not enough. We work well together and with your attendees.

Portrait Lounge

Capture your attendee's personality while they're looking their best. On-location headshots are convenient and fun! Think photobooth, but with a professional/helpful photographer.

Perfect Editing

After the event, our job is only half over. We take photo editing very seriously and our neutral style is perfect for most needs. However, we can also edit in the style that your brand calls for.


We want you to enjoy every step of the process: from booking, to uploading your beautiful photos. Customer service is so important to us that we guarantee your experience with us is problem-free.



Why do Happening clients keep coming back? You're about to find out. Last minute booking? No problem. Need additional photographers? No problem. Need instant uploads? No problem. Our offerings are built upon previous requests, so we hope you ask us for your own unique needs.

Use the contact form to get the ball rolling, or you can CALL US directly. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to share your photography needs and hear more about our services.

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